8 tips for Extending the Life of Your Laptop Battery


While laptops are convenient and portable, they do have their disadvantages. For your laptop is only convenient and portable when it has battery life. Here are some tips from PCworld.com on how to maximize battery life.

  • Don’t run it down to empty. When you let your battery’s power run out, it can weaken it over time. Luckily, most newer computers have a feature that will power your computer down before the battery runs out, thus protecting it.
  • Keep your laptop cool. Heat will break down your battery. Keep it cool by making sure the vents aren’t being blocked, and clean your vents once in awhile with compressed air.
  • Remove your battery when not using it. During times when you’re keeping your laptop plugged in, you can remove the battery so that you aren’t constantly charging and draining it, therefore wearing it out. WARNING! Do NOT attempt to remove your battery when the computer is on, as this can cause your system to crash! Also, an unused battery will still slowly lose power, so don’t remove it when there is only a little life left, or you risk draining it.
  • Keep your screen dim. It takes a lot of power to keep your screen brightly lit, so a dimmer screen will use less power. It also might be easier on your eyes.
  • Turn off hardware when its not in use. If you’re not using your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or sound, turn these features off. Also, if you don’t need an external mouse, don’t use one, as it will sap your power as well.
  • Don’t multitask. The more programs you’re using, the more power is being drained. And if you’re not online, you don’t need to be running your antivirus or firewall in the background.
  • Save multimedia for when you have AC power. Wait to watch videos when you have your computer plugged in.
  • Know when to turn your computer off. What system you have will determine when you want to hibernate your computer and when you want it on standby. Windows 7 takes a long time (and power) to go in and out of hibernation, so its best to put in sleep or standby mode if you’re going to use it again in a few hours. However, Windows XP will still drain power when sleeping, so turn it off if you’re not going to use it again in a half hour or more.

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