Set Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts In Windows 7

There are many times you may want to set different custom keyboard shortcuts for different purpose like launching a program, ending or closing a program, maximizing a window, minimizing a window etc.

HotKeyMan is a freeware tool which lets you setup personal shortcuts for often used tasks to be globally available in all open programs. A simple guide will help you setup the initial hotkey settings the first time the program is started. After that, the hotkeys can be used all over Windows.


It will allow you to setup hot keys for the following things like Maximize / Minimize active window, Close active window, Open a file or run an application, Grap screen capture of active window or the whole screen, turn off computer or log off Windows, Send keystrokes to the active program as shown in the image below.


You can setup hotkeys to manipulate window state, close a running application, open a document, save screen capture to file, exit windows or send keystrokes to the active window.


This application requires installation, and so that all the shortcuts specified by this application works it should be running so better add the program in system startup. It seems to be work on all windows version including windows 7.

Download HotKeyMan

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