Hide files within a JPEG image!!

If you are knowing about this then it's really good thing but if you are filling surprised by reading the title of the post then let me tell you that it is really possible!!
You can hide any type of files inside a image file.For that you need any of this software winrar or winzip.You can download any of them from internet.
Just follow the below steps.

1)Make a folder & put all the files which you want to hide in the image. Also put the jpge file in which you want to hide files.

2)Now select those files which you want to hide & compress them using winrar or winzip & save as any name you like such as "hidden.rar".

You will get a rar file created there.

3)Now open the command prompt from start>programs>accessories>command prompt.

4)Go to the path of your folder where you have stored your files.

5)Enter the first line as shown in below figure in command prompt.

That's all. Now checkout size of your image it will be increased.

Now to open those files which are hidden in the image open image with winrar or winzip.

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