How to use the great google for hacking?


The power of ultimate search engine google can also be used for hacking. How? Check it out...

1.Hacking security cameras:

There exists many security cameras used for monitoring places like parking lots, college campus, road traffic etc. which can be hacked using Google so that you can view the images captured by those cameras in real time. All you have to do is use the following search query in Google. Type in Google search box exactly as follows and hit enter..


Click on any of the search results (Top 5 recommended) and you will gain access to the live camera which has full controls.
But refresh rate of this cameras will be very slow so if you can fire the below query for better refresh rate.

intitle:"Live View / – AXIS"

So here we have hacked cameras using google.

2.Hacking personal & confidential documents:

Using Google it is possible to gain access to an email repository containing CV of hundreds of people which were created when applying for their jobs. The documents containing their Address, Phone, DOB, Education, Work experience etc. can be found just in seconds.

intitle:"curriculum vitae" "phone * * *" "address *" "e-mail"

You can gain access to a list of .xls (excel documents) which contain contact details including email addresses of large group of people. To do so type the following search query and hit enter.

filetype:xls inurl:"email.xls"

Also it is possible to gain access to documents of bank account information, financial summaries & credit card numbers using following query.

intitle:index.of finances.xls

3.Google to gain access to free stuffs:

Ever wondered how to hack Google for free music or ebooks. Well here is a way to do that. To download free music just enter the following query on google search box and hit enter.

"?intitle:index.of?mp3 eminem"

Now you’ll gain access to the whole index of eminem album where in you can download the songs of your choice. Instead of eminem you can subtitute the name of your favorite album. To search for the ebooks all you have to do is replace “eminem” with your favorite book name. Also replace “mp3″ with “pdf” or “zip” or “rar”.

Enjoy the power of google :)

I hope you enjoy. Pass your comments.

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