Password protect your Private Folders


If you want to protect particular data from the other users of your computer than one way for that is to use softwares to like folderlock which is specially design for locking purpose. But there is another way which you may definitely like. For that just follow the below steps...
Locking the folder:

1. Create a new folder (Right-click -> New -> Folder) and give it any name of your choice. For instance I name it as ABC.

2. Now in this folder place all the important files, documents or any folders that you want to password protect.

3. Now Right-click on this folder (ABC) and select the option Send To -> Compressed (zipped) Folder.(Do not use winrar or winzip but use windows inbuilt compress utility.)

4. Now a new compressed zipped folder gets created next this folder (ABC) with the same name.

5. Double-click on this compressed zipped folder and you should see your original folder (ABC) here.

6. Now goto the File menu and select the option Add a password.

ie: File -> Add a password

Now a small window will pop up and here you can set your desired password. Once the password is set, the folder will ask for the password every time any file from that folder will be opened. Thus you have now created the password protected folder.

You can even hide this folder from folder options.

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