Send Self Destructing Video Emails


Youtube is perfect place to upload video for entire world to watch but when you want to upload private video for some specific friend of relative then it is impossible to do this using Youtube. And to send video as e mail attachment is usually forbidden due to file size. So what to do? Here is a way.
A service called mailVU allows everyone to send private video message through email.Even better the message can be self destructed after certain view!!! Remember MI series of Tom Cruz?:)
Service will request you for webcam & microphone. Click Allow.

Now you can easily record from webcam & play recorded video.

Specify your preferred destruction settings & click button send video mail.

In the last step you will be asked to enter your email address & recipients' email address.After entering it click send mail. That's it!

mailvu is a good service for sending birthday messages to family and or sharing special like an engagement.

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