How to move mouse pointer without using mouse.


Yes. Mouse pointer is not the property of only mouse!If somewhere , somehow your mouse is not working properly than in this case you can use even your keyboard to move your mouse pointer. Checkout how....
We can do this by using windows inbuilt feature called MouseKeys. To turn on MouseKeys in windows 7 go to control panel.Set the view as category view and select option Ease of access. Then click the button change how your mouse works as shown in below figure.

Now check the turn on mouse keys check box.
Alternatively, you could turn on MouseKeys by pressing Left ALT + Left Shift + Num Lock at the same time. Please note that this only works with the LEFT alt and shift, as if you try it with the right side, it will not work.

Here are the controls, provided that you have a numeric keypad, to run MouseKeys.

2 = Move Down
8 = Move Up
4 = Move Left
6 = Move Right
7 = Move Diagonally Top Left
9 = Move Diagonally Top Right
1 = Move Diagonally Bottom Left
3 = Move Diagonally Bottom Right
5 = Simulate Mouse Single Left Click
(+) = Simulate Mouse Double Click
(-) = Simulate Mouse Right Click
(*) = Simulate Both Mouse Buttons Click At Once

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