Creating your custom personas for firefox


This one is for firefox users.

I this post I would like to show simple steps to create your own persona for firefox. For that follow these steps:

Add Personas plus addon to firefox from here.

1)First of all you need to make one header image(Dimension :3000px X 200 px) & one footer image (Dimension :3000px X 100 px). You can use any png or jpg formates.

2) First of all to enable add-ons bar go to : View>Toolbrs and then check the check box of "add-ons bar".

3) Now you will find add-ons bar at the bottom of your browser.

4) Now from add-on bar menu select preferences as shown in image.

5) Now check the check box for "show custom persona in menu" item.

6) Now save & close that dialog box & again from add-ons bar menu choose custom persona and edit.

7)Now in new tab you will find something as shown in below image. In which you need to locate header & footer images created by you, choose proper colours & press "OK". That's done you will find your custom persona applied on your browser. :)

You can even submit your persona to firefox but for that you need to create a firefox persona user account. To submit persona click here.

I have tested this on firefox 4. If you find any troubles then leave a comment regarding to that. :)

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