Customizing or creating new keyboard shortcuts


If you are knowing about then you can simply skip following paragraph. is Microsoft Office like Office suite p
rovided by Oracle. Best thing of this suite is that it is an opensource free software. Moreover it is available for Windows,Linux & Mac platforms free of charge. For more information you can visit the site:
You can also download this software from the same site.

Now let's come to the topic. Discussion here is about customizing keyboard shortcuts in May be possible that most of openoffice user might be knowing about this. If you not then just read on...
1)To customize keyboard shortcuts open any (i.e. word processor, presentation, spread sheet).

2)Now go to Tools>customize... .

3) It will popup another window. Now select "keyboard" tab.

4) Now if you want changes to take effect on all the openoffice suit then select radio button "".

5) Now you may select shortcut keys which you want to modify, select the function which you want to assign to that shortcut & click "modify" button.

6) You can also modify unused shortcuts to add new functions.

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