Installing Tiny OS on Ubuntu 10.10


Here I would like to give some easy & simple steps to install Tiny OS on ubuntu.

I have installed Tiny OS on ubuntu 10.10 only but the same steps can also be useful for other ubuntu flavours.

To install Tiny OS Follow these steps:
1)Open "Applications > accessories >terminal".

2)Copy following code in terminal:

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

3)Above command will open a text file named "sources.list". Now copy following code at the end of this file:

deb edgy main
deb feisty main

Now save & close the file.

4) Open "System>Administration>Synaptic package manager".

5) Now in quick search bar write "tinyos" press enter.
6) It will show you long list out of which select "tinyos-2.1.1".

7) On selecting tinyos-2.1.1 package manager will ask you to mark some other required packages. Click on "mark all" button.

8) So Dialog box will disappear. Now in package manager click "Apply" button. So downloading will be started which will take some time.

9)After completing downloading it will automatically install packages.

10) After synaptic package manager has done all tasks close it and open terminal and write this command: gedit ~/.bashrc
which will open .bashrc file in gedit now at the bottom of the file write following line:
source /opt/tinyos-2.1.1/

11) Now save file ,close gedit ,close terminal & open a new terminal. If in new terminal u find following at the first line of terminal that means our tinyos is installed successfully.

Setting up for TinyOS 2.1.1

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