Page speed , YSlow & GTmetrix......


I know that the title of the post is obviously confusing. So let me clarify it . Page speed & YSlow are tools for testing load time & performance of a webpage (website) provided by google & yahoo respectively. Now why should one measure load time? The answer is this "Both google & yahoo uses page load time to give ranking to pages.". That means optimizing page load time will result into better search engine ranking.

How to use these tools?

Using Page speed:

* On chrome: For instructions to setup Page speed on chrome click here.

* On firefox: For instructions to setup Page speed on chrome click here.

Using YSlow:

* YSlow addon for fire fox: click here to got to addon page.

*TSlow extension for Chrome: click here to install/download YSlow for chrome

Sorry but i'm not tried to find for IE. If any one then please leave a comment.

Now what about GTmetrix ?:-/

GTmatrix is online application which uses Page speed & YSlow for the same purpose. You need to simply give your site url to the site & it will analyse your site using Page speed & YSlow & show resulty for both.

I have tested this blog using these tools & results are not so good.:(
So don't get surprised if you find some modification sooner or letter. :)

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