SelectOut: See who is tracking you via cookies and get rid of them


Online tracking is the backbone of advertising on the internet and powers everything from personalizing ads to actual web page content for you individually. It can be carried out using cookies.

Tracking companies gather your location, keywords you search for, browser type, and everything in between to offer a portfolio for ad companies to target you with. It's not like that online tracking is always harmful for a user but many time it may happen that such tracking cookies are collecting those information which a user would not like to share.

What to do? Well you can remove such cookies manually. But it is a bit tedious approach.
Here I want to suggest a site which can help you to get rid of it in easy way.
That is

- What you need to do is just visit this site.

- On visiting the site it will show you the no of tracking companies which are currently tracking you.

- Now you can opt-out(get rid ) from all companies or you can even remove selected companies from list.

The site is also providing google chrome plugin which you can install from here.

You may suggest any other way if you are knowing via comments. :)

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