Some famuose Easter eggs in ubuntu


Ubuntu is on of the famous distribution of linux. I'm a fan of ubuntu. So here I'm going list out some Easter eggs which I come to know.

1) Free the fish:

Press Alt-F2 to open a "Run Application" box. Now type in "free the fish" without quotes, and press enter.


Again press Alt-F2 to open "Run application" box. Now type "gegls from outer space" without quotes, and press enter.

Enjoy shooting cows. Well I don't why they call them "gegls".If any one knowing please inform me via comment. :) But they looks like "cows from outer space".:P

3)Moo on apt:

Open terminal & type: sudo apt-get moo.

what's that...?!!

If you are knowing any other Easter eggs then please suggest them via comments.

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