Something about ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal


This one's for all those ubuntu fans who are waiting for ubuntu's upcoming version 11.04 Natty Narwhal (like me). Well ubuntu has already released 3 alpha versions for Natty Narwhal & beta is expected to be released at the march ending. Of course final release will be out during april.

If you want to test latest alpha 3 release of ubuntu 11.04 then you can download it from here but since it is an alpha release you have to test it on your own risk.

Now here in this post I would like to point out few changes which you will find in

1) LibreOffice 3.3 taking place of from default office suite. Still will be a part of software repository.

2) Banshee will be default music player instead of rhythmbox.

3) Oneconf will be included by default in Ubuntu 11.04. OneConf is a mechanism for recording software information in Ubuntu One, and synchronising with other computers as needed.

4) Gnome-dictionary will be removed from the CD.

5) Software Center “For Purchase” category will be updated with more commercial software. And you will be able to sponsor your favorite app by donating any money amount to developers.

6) GTK app Remmina will replace TSClient as the default remote desktop client in Ubuntu 11.04.

If any other changes you come to know then please share them using comments. :)

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