Something about pinging your site ,blog


Here I'm going to show an important tip which will be very useful or Bloggers & web administrators. It is about pinging your new posts & site updates. Now what exactly pinging is? It is a method to let search engines know that you contents on your site are updated. Sending pings will attract search engines like yahoo , google etc. to track new changes on your site and this will definitely going to increase hits on your site , Blog.

Now how to ping your site? ?
Well there are many ping service sites available to do this.
Here is a list of such sites. You can use anyone of them.:)

Only thing you are suppose to do is that go to any of above site. Enter your URL , Title & content type and click the button "pingggggggggggg".:)

Most of the experienced blogger are practising this.If you are not then start now because it will really going to increase hits on your blog.

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