switching to classic GNOME environment in ubuntu 11.04


Canonical limited has recently released new version of ubuntu that is 11.04. Ubuntu 11.04 is having Unity environment as default desktop environment.
You can still work in classic GNOME environment (which was there in ubuntu 10.10) in ubuntu 11.04. Here is how.....
You need to follow these steps:
1) Open ubuntu control centre (i.e system setting).

2) In control centre (System setting) click on system tab.

3) Here you will find "login screen". Click on it.

4) You will find Dialog box like this which will be initially locked.

5) Click on "unlock" button which will ask you to enter your account password. Enter it.

6) Now in unlocked Dialog box you will find "ubuntu" as default session.

7) From drop down list choose "ubuntu classic" as default session. That's it.

8) Now close Dialog box , logout & login again to ubuntu. You will find classic GNOME environment for you.

For any doubt or problem feel free to comment.:D

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