Blogger in Draft


First of all let me announce audience of this post. This post is only for bloggers. Sorry to others.:)

Now for all you bloggers, if you are already knowing Blogger in draft then leave reading this post because i'm going to share just basic.:) 

Now what is blogger in draft??? Blogger in draft is something like experiment area of blogger. Means before applying new changes to original blogger , blogger team make those changes available at "Blogger in draft" for testing & review purpose. It's analogous to Beta versions of softwares. :) 

So to use & test upcoming changes in blogger you can login into "blogger in draft". How??? Very very simple... instead of login from you may login from . You are done. You will find few new features here which won't available at your blogger account. 

To stay updated with latest activities going on blogger in draft you may check the official blog of Blogger in Draft.

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