Cool mac os x theme for ubuntu 11.04


As we all mac is one of the most popular operating system. It is more famous for it's cooool look. But as far as performance & security is concern it can not defeat ubuntu or any other linux flavor. So if you wants ubuntu's performance & also wants to test cooool look of Mac then here is a way.

For that i'm going to introduce cooool theme which will give u look of Mac. What you need to do is follow these steps:

1) Download the Mac Theme package – named as : ‘Not Mac’ from here.

2) Now simply drag & drop the downloaded package in "Appearance -> Theme window" or you can manually locate the downloaded package by clicking install button in "Appearance Theme" window. You may get a message – like ‘Keep the Current Theme’ or ‘Apply New Theme’, so select second option to try now or you can select it any time from the theme tab under appearance settings.

That's it ....we are done....:)

Leave comments for any problem of suggestions....

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