How to create torrent file?

Before writing anything about torrent I would like to thank one of my good friend (Mehul) because I have learned this from him. :D He is also following this blog so may be we'll get comment from him. :P

OK. Now coming to the point.
Required tool:
Almost any torrent client like utorrent will work. Here I have used utorrent. You can download it or free from here.

To make your own torrent file just follow these steps...

1) open utorrent client. From file menu choose "create new torrent" sub-menu.
2)It will come up with a dialogbox as shown in below screenshot:

Now in "select source" field browse and locate the file/folder which you want to add to your torrent file & click "add" button.

3) Now in the same dialog box you can see "trackers" text area.
Here you have to paste one or more trackers. If you are adding more than one tracker then separate them with one blank line. Here i'm giving list of some well known trackers.
Remember that your torrent won't work without trackers.

4) Now after doing this you are ready to create your torrent file. Now click button "create & save as"
which will ask you to give your destination path where your created torrent will be stored. Process of creating torrent file will take some time.

Now you are ready with your created torrent file.

This torrent file will be very useful when you want to transfer large files which can not be attached to mail. In this case you can create a small sized torrent file of that large file and mail this torrent to the person whom you want to send large file. Now using this torrent he can download file from your PC.

Note: Make sure that you are seeding means keep newly created torrent open in your torrent client otherwise transfer will not work.

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