Managing multiple social accounts from one place


All you netizens who has home in more then one different cities (available at more than one social networks), this post will be definitely useful to you.:)

If you did not get previous sentence then forget it & concentrate here.....

In going to suggest some web applications to manage your different social accounts (like facebook,twitter etc.) from single place. 

These are several sites:

All these sites makes some limitations on number of accounts for free users. But all of them at least support 4 to 5 accounts & i think these many account are enough for common person. 

I'm using HootSuite out of these, no experience of others.

HootSuite is really cool. These are few useful features which I have pointed out:
  1. Tabbed  interface for accounts allows easy switching
  2. Select multiple accounts for singe message means no need to write same thing again for all accounts.
  3. Scheduling messages.
  4. HootSuite also supports LinkedIn , MySpace 

Also there are many desktop clients available for same purpose. Pidgin is one of the best.

Fill free to share your experience about remaining site. You can also suggest other tools for the same through comments. :)

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