Ubuntu 11.10 , new features


Ubuntu again!!!!

All you ubuntu lover may be knowing that ubutnu 11.10 Alpha1 is already released on 2nd June. I'm really sorry for writing so late about this. But here I would like to draw your attention towards new features of our upcoming ubuntu Oneric Ocelot.

We will find following new features in 11.10....

GNOME 3: Yep Gnome is back again.... And GNOME 3 is really super cool...


LightDM : New login Manager

Unity with new improvements: Unity will also be there with bug fixes & new improvements.

Mozilla Thunderbird: Yeah .. There are full chances of mozilla replacing evolution but since evolution has released new version , may be they can continue with evolution also.

Déjà Dup: Ubuntu 11.10 will be having this user friendly backup application.

Linux Kernel 2.6.39 

Firefox 5: Firefox 5 Beta is released & by the time ubutnu 11.10 will release Firefox may have released stable 5. :D

 If you wants to test Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha1 then you can download it from here.



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