Voice chat & voice messages on facebook

Hi all.

This on is for Facebook lovers.  Everyone agrees that currently Facebook is the most famous social networking site on web. But still it is lagging at a very important & useful feature like voice chatting & voice massages.

So here I'm going to suggest you one Facebook application which which you can add voice chatting & messaging feature to your Facebook account. So here we go....

The application is T-Mobile’s Bobsled app. Now to start using this application just follow these steps:

1) Go to above specified link.

2) Now click on pink button indicating "Jump On".  This will take you to Facebook & ask you for Facebook login if you are already not logged in.

3) Now on the next page click on button indicating "click to start". This will ask you download it's software (around 8MB) which you need to install on you PC in order to use this application.

4) After installing downloaded tool when you refresh that page you will find a tab like button indicating "start bobsled". Now a small box will pop out on which click button "sign on". Now it will ask you allow some permission on your facebook account. You have to allow it to use application.

5) Finally, you are ready to start using Bobsled. Click on talk button. To talk to a friend in real time, select their name from within the Bobsled chat interface and click "Place Call". First time when you ask click "place call" it will ask permission to access your microphone. Allow it.

6) You can also send voice messages by clicking on "voice messages" button.

That's it.!! For any doubts , suggestions fill free to post comments.:D

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