Synchronizing Google+ with Facebook & Twitter Accounts

Really sorry to all readers for not updating this blog since the long time.....

This post is for those who have started loving Google+ & want to continue with FB & Twitter. 
In this post I would like to introduce a useful Google Chrome extension which will allow you to synchronize your Google+ stream ( which analogous to status in FB) with FB & Twitter account.

You can also enable facebook notification on Google+ using this extension so no need to go to FB for even checking updates. :D
The extension is Start G+ an you can download and/or install it on your Chrome browser  from here.

On the extension site itself a slideshow is given to get started with this extension. Still if you are confused about the usage of the extension then fill free to comment I'll reply. :) 

Also there will be definitely few other ways to achieve this synchronization. So if you are knowing other then you can share here through comments. :)


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