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Hufff.... Finally out of college exam tension & really in nice mood of writing this very very useful post. 

What I'm going to discuss about is Ubuntu Customization Kit (UCK). This is an amazing GUI based tool to customize your Ubuntu according to your need.

You can remove unwanted existing packages (softwares) & add those packages (softwares) which is of your need and make customized ISO image of Ubuntu which you can use afterwards to install Ubuntu. That means next time when you will install Ubuntu using this customized CD ,you will get all packages of your need by default. No need to download & reinstall those packages. Isn't it amazing?? :D  So let's begin. Follow these steps......

1) You need to install Ubuntu customization kit. So for that go to ubuntu software center or synaptic package manager and search for "Ubuntu customization kit" & install it.

2) Now once it installed, open it. It will open a terminal & you will get dialog as shown in belove screen shot. Click OK. After that you will get three more dialog boxes asking to choose languages for different purposes. For English choose 'en' for all three dialog boxes & click OK. You can also choose multiple languages.

3) Now it will ask you to choose default environment you want in your customized CD.Here also you can choose multiple environments.

4) Now it will ask you to locate image file of your base system. Here I'll give ubuntu 11.04 because I'm having that only....:P

5) Then it will ask you the name of your customized image. You can give any.

6) Here comes important part.

It will ask you whether you want customize the CD manually during building.
Here give "YES" & click OK.

7)Then it will ask you whether you want remove all windows related file. Give no.

8) Then give OK to next dialog box & it will ask you to enter your password. Your user name must be in sudoer list.

And here the show begins..... ..... Just let it do work for some time.

9) After some processing it will ask you to choose customization action. Choose "run package manager" option and click OK.

10) This will open UCK package manager which is just fork of synaptic package manager. Now from here you can add or remove packages according to your need. Note that package manager will download new packages. So this will take time depending upon how many packages you are adding.

11) After you are done with package manager close it & now choose "Continue Building" option which will continue building.

12) After your customized image is generated successfully, you will get message shown in belove screen-shot. 

This message box will also showing the path where your image is generated so don't forget to note that before closing dialog box.

So now you are having image of your customized ubuntu CD. So burn it down for permanent storage if you wish.....:D

Fill free to leave comments for any queries... & of course suggestions are most well-come. 

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