My Infosys PI experience.. :)

Hi again ....

This time going a little bit off track.... but this post will be really useful for freshers....

Before 2 week back to back two companies visited our college. So just going to share Infosys  PI experience in this post. I'll share cognizant experience in next post.Really sorry for sharing late...:)  

Infosys experience: 

Placement procedure was in 2 phase.
1) Written test: 
- Only general aptitude questions. No technical. 
- If you think your apti is weak then it is preferable to keep CAT,GRE persons around you.... ;) 

2) Personal Interview: 

Since it was my first PI , I was feeling a little bit nervous & my PI was second in my panel so didn't get chance to ask someone about what interviewer is asking.....:P 

Infosys interview was a short one of around 5-7 minutes....

Here's how it went....

Interviewer: come in vatsal..... 

me : thank u.. 

Interviewer: Please take your sit....

me : thank u sir..
Interviewer: So how are you?

me: Fine sir...(with smiling face)
Interviewer: Can I have your resume?
me: (Gave him my resume)

Then he went through my resume for some time ..... Then asked me...."So these all projects you have done on your own?" 
May be because I was having 6 projects ..(None of them was copied...)

me: Yes sir.(Confidently ) 

Then he asked me to explain few projects ..... I explained well but he didn't allowed me to completely explain any of them.... so I suggest you to prepare short explanation of your projects ....  it will be helpful.

He also asked me to exactly mention my  contribution to projects.... (So keep this thing also ready in your mind....) 

Interviewer: So do you want to ask any question about company?

I asked him about whether company provide any support for further study? 

He replied that you can have opportunity of further study after you reach up to some level in company.....    

me: thank u sir...

And that's it .... ..:) 

Finally got the result that I was selected ....:D 

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