New blogger dynamic views

Hi again all....

Now all you blogger users out there, this one is for you.... sorry for us...:P (I'm also a blogger user...).
Our own blogger has recently come up with new kind of templates named as "Dynamic views". Blogger developers has designed seven different cool view which your blog visitor can change dynamically.

If you haven't tried this dynamic views yet then for old blogger interface go to "design" tab & "blogger template designer" sub-tab.
For newer blogger interface go to template menu.
There you will find new blogger dynamic views which you can apply to your blog.

This views are designed using latest web technologies like HTML5 , CSS3 & AJAX so they can give good performance on  newer versions of browsers.

Also this dynamic views were not working properly in chrome-linux combination of my system although it's working good on my Firefox.
One more thing is that this dynamic templates are not supporting widgets so if you are work without widgets then these dynamic templates are really cool & awesome..... :D

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