Enable multilanguage language support in ubuntu

Hi all...

In this post I'm going to show you that how to enable multi language  support in ubuntu.

Canonical is working on translation of more that 200 languages. This is the list of the languages on which canonical limited  is working:

As you can see from that link, many languages are translated over 90%.

Now here are the steps to use multiple languages in ubuntu: (Screen-shots are of ubuntu 11.10)

1) Click Dashhome and search for term "language". You will find "keyboard layout" as second result. Open it.

2)Now in keyboard layout click on  "+" button. Which will open list of available languages.

3) Now from that list search for your language and click add button. And we are done.

4) Now on the upper right corner you may find list of enabled languages from which you can select your current language.

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