Cool themes for empathy

This one is for empathy users.....

For those who are not knowing what empathy is: Empathy is a well known chat client for linux systems. For more information go here.

Okay now coming back to original discussion....

If you are bored of using default themes of empathy and want to try some new themes then you can download new empathy themes from here.

To use these downloaded themes extract the downloaded package. Now from that extracted folder copy the folder having name "*.AdiumMessageStyle" (here '*' indicates any string) ans paste that folder to "~/.local/share/adium/message-styles" folder (create this folder path if you are not already having). Here "~" indicates your home directory.

Now after doing this you can choose these themes from Empathy's preferences -> "Themes" tab.

Below are links to some of my favorite themes....

Leave comments if you got any doubts...:)

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