Getting started with linux commands

Writing this post specially for linux newbies.

One of the follower of this blog requested me to help him learn linux commands & terminal. So this is an attempt to fulfill his request...:)

So here we go.....

If you are already familiar with window command prompt then it will be very easy for you to learn linux commands and you will start enjoying it very soon.....:)

We can say that linux terminal is similar to window's command prompt but linux terminal is far more powerful then command prompt that is for sure.... Terminal is basically an application which provides an interface to fire linux commands.

One more thing which I would like to clarify is that if you are not knowing commands then it doesn't mean that you can't use linux properly because today's almost all linux flavors are having powerful GUI tools for all general purpose linux commands but knowing commands will definitely make you feel closer to your system. 

One more thing is that as I mentioned earlier linux command world is far larger than windows' so you can't expect that you will be knowing all the commands in very short time. You have to be patient and keep exploring it. The more you explore the more you learn.

Also don't try to mug up syntax of any command  whenever you get confused just fire this command :"man <command_name>" (replace <command_name> with the name of the command)

This command will open manual page of the command specified as argument.
Manual pages gives the information about the usage of the command specified by "command_name".

These are some very useful links to learn linux commands.  

This is the directory of all linux commands:

If you are already familiar with windows command prompt then this link will make the task of learning command far more easier for you.

Following site is having video tutorials for the same:

Few more useful sites:

Also there is an useful tool which you can use in place of terminal click here to read more.

Comment here fro any suggestions or questions......:) Enjoy linux......:D

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