How to make older GNOME shell extensions competible to newer shell version?


Recently I updated GNOME shell to version 3.3.2. Unfortunately after this update I find out that all my older GNOME shell extensions were uncomputable with newer version.

So to make these extension compatible with newer version (or any other version) here I'm going to show a trick. Yeah it's a trick ...not an official method to do this. Also there is no guaranty that all the older extensions will work properly with newer version of GNOME shell by this method.But many of them works well. :)

To fix it follow these steps:

1) First of all there are chances that all your older extensions might be removed after update. In such situation  you have to download extensions of your choice again.

2) Now once downloaded place them in directory "~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions". If there is no such directory then create one and extract extension here.

Make sure that you have enabled "show hidden files" option in your file manager because ".local"  is a hidden directory.

3) Now comes the real trick. In the extracted directory of the extension find a file named "metadata.json". Open this file with any text editor.

4) Now to find out the version of your GNOME shell fire following command in the terminal:

gnome-shell --version

5) Now again look at the metadata.json file. In that file you will find parameter named "shell-version". Set the value of this parameter to your current shell version.

We are done ... now open advanced settings and in extension tab you will find this extension compatible. You have to change "shell-version" parameter in matadata.json file of each extension.

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