Prism: Convert websites to desktop application

Hi friends.

Today I'm going to introduce a cool tool which can convert any site into a desktop application. Once you have created that application for a website then you don't need to go to a web browser to open that site. You open site as an application by simply clicking on it's shortcut.

The tool is Prism. Those who had used older version of ubuntu might be already knowing about Prism because at that time ubuntu was giving Prism by default.

To use prism follow these steps:

1) Go to this link:

2) Here you will find two links. One for installing Firefox extension. But this extension may not be compatible with latest version of Firefox. So we will concentrate on the other alternative that is downloading Prism application. So using second link download Prism. 

3) Now extract the package.

4) In extracted package you will find a binary file named prism. Click on it to start prism. Which will pop up a window as shown in below image.

5) Now in URL field enter the URL of the site which you want to convert in to an desktop application and give you application a name. Make sure you check the checkbox for shortcut location.

6) On clicking OK your application is ready and you will find an window as shown in below snapshot which is the application window of your website application.

7) Also you will find an shortcut like with .desktop extension on your desktop as shown in below snapshot. So you can open your application any time by clicking on this shortcut.

Leave comment for any doubts or suggestions.

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