Password protect (Encrypt) a folder in ubuntu

If you want to provide extra security to some very important content on ubuntu then follow these steps to password protect those content.

1) You have to install a utility called "encfs".

 For that fire this command:

sudo apt-get install encfs

2) After successful completion of above command we are ready to create encrypted directory.

The utility encfs will create one directory which contains the encrypted files and one directory where the files are unlocked and accessible.
The syntax for encfs is: encfs <path to encrypted directory> <path to visible directory>

For example, I wish to have a directory in my home directory called visible and another one called encrypted. Therefore I could write:
encfs ~/.encrypted ~/visible  

Above command will ask for password to encrypt data.  
Make sure you remember this password because if you will forget this password then even you will not be able to access your very important data.

3) After entering password ~/visible directory will be mounted and you can drop in your important data to this directory.

4) Now one you have stored your data to ~/visible directory you can close (or umnount) ~/visible directory using following command.

fusermount -u ~/visible

Now after unmounting ~/visible directory you will not be able to see any data in visible directory. But you can find encrypted version of that data on ~/.encrypted directory (.encrypted is a hidden directory so to see this directory enable "show hidden files" option from nautilus preferences). 
5) Now if you want to show the data in ~/visible directory then you may fire following command which will again mount ~/visible directory.(Yeah of-course it will ask for password to decrypt data. :) )

encfs ~/.encrypted ~/visible

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