wix.com :Create cool flash based sites for free

Hi all...

In this post I'm going to introduce a cool site to create flash based sites for free. First of all let me clarify that if you prefer appearance over performance then only continue reading because this site is only to create flash based sites and flash based sites are often very poor at performance point of view but at the same time you can get better appearance with less efforts.

The site is wix.com.

This site itself is a flash based site so please give it some time to load itself....:)

You need to sign up for start creating site. After signing up you will get lots of free ready made flash site templates. You can choose any template of your choice and edit it according to your need.
 Here is a short analysis of the site.

+ves : 
- Large number of ready made templates
- Excellent web based editor named (wixexpress) to edit templates
- You can create cool and attractive site with comparatively very less time.
- No programing skill needed.

-ves : 
- Poor performance 
- Although it provides large number of templates, we are still restricted to these templates and their edited version.

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