Install ubuntu TV on ubuntu 11.10

Got that...

If you are too eager to test ubuntu TV like me then there are 2 ways posible.

For any way I would suggest you to install ubuntu 11.10 on virtual box or VMware and work on it. Don't try to install ubuntu TV on your running system. One more thing is that don't expect that it will be working perfect because it's still under development.

1) By manual compilation as per instruction given on Ubuntu wiki page. Which always a safe and better option if you have patience and time to fix dependencies on your own. I tried this one but I got stuck with few dependency issues and was in hurry to write this post so I went on second way given below.

2) Second way is installing using PPA. Thanks to a dude named Alin Andrei
  who has developed this PPA. But using method will completely destroy Unity 2D.
  A perfect step by step guide for using this PPA is given on So no need to rewrite steps. :)

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