Cruxbot : A cool web app to summarize web pages

This post is the most special post on this blog. Why? Because I has been sharing cool things on this blog since last two years but from this post I'm first time sharing something cool created by me and my buddies. And this is the reason why I was away from this blog for some time. Now let me come to the point....

What is Cruxbot? 
      Cruxbot is a cool web based, easy to use app which will distill that article and will give you concise and relevant summary of that article. 

This video will explain more: 

To get started with Cruxbot see our How to use page.

And this is the link to our official site: 

We need your reviews to improve this app so please feel free to Drop a Line. Or you can post your suggestions as comments here itself...

Happy Cruxboting......:)

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