Manage your Google account search history

Sorry for staying away from this blog for a long time. I'll let you know the reason behind this absent very soon and also show you the outcome of this time :D.
Today I just stop by to get closer to this blog again.

Google has simplified it's privacy policy a lot and new privacy policy is in effect from today (1st march).
If you haven't read it yet then you can read it from here if you wish.

Previous lines were just starters.. What I'm going to share in this post is that "How to manage your Google search history".

As we know that Google keeps track of your search history and browsing history to give you search result of your interest. But it is possible that we have previously searched about something which of no interest anymore. It is also possible that you like neutral Google results than the improved one.

Now Google is providing easy interface to manage your search history. You can manage you search history by visiting this link: 
On above link you will find Pause and Remove buttons. Using Pause button you can stop Google from saving your history to improve your result. (Note: Pressing Pause button doesn't mean that Google will completely stop tracking your web activities.) You can clear all your previous history or you can choose particular entries to remove.

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