Google Drive Released

If you haven't heard about Google Drive before then let me tell you that it is Google's latest cloud storage service which is similar to Dropbox and SkyDrive. Google is providing 5 GB of free storage space on Google Drive (which is more than 2 GB free space of Dropbox).

Also similar to Dropbox & SkyDrive you can also access your files on Google Drive from your multiple devices. Drive is accessible from any web browser at Also they have already released dedicated clients for Windows, Mac and Android. An iOS app is to follow in the coming weeks and I've heard about Linux client also.

Now after reading this much if you are too eager to take testdrive of Drive then just go to and login with your existing Google account. They might ask you to wait few days (as they asked me ) since till date they haven't enabled Drive for all users.

To check more features of Drive click here.

God bless Dropbox, Skydrive ..... :D

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