Ubuntu One's new refferel scheme : get upto 25 GB free storage

25 GB free cloud storage. Yeah that's what Ubuntu One's new referral scheme allows you to achieve. By default Ubuntu One gives 5 GB of free storage space but as per this new referral plan you can get (or say achieve) 500 MB of free storage by just inviting your one new user to Ubuntu One.
And they will keep adding 500 MB on every new joining user invited by you until it reaches 25 GB mark. Wait it is even more awesome!! ...Not only you but also the user whom you invited will also get 500 MB free extra storage....:D 

25 GB free is like beating all giant competitors like Dropbox , Google Drive, MS SkyDrive .... Hats off to this referral scheme...

So if you are not having Ubuntu One account yet then you can help yourself and me to achieve extra 500 MB by creating new account by clicking here.


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