How to use firefox personas in LibreOffice 4


Recently LibreOffice has released new version 4.0. The new version have many interesting features. You can find full list of all these feature here.

In this post I'll include one of the exiting feature which allows you to customize your LibreOffice using Firefox persona. 

For that you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install LibreOffice 4. You can download LibreOffice 4.0 from here.

Step 2: Open LibreOffice 4.0. And from  menubar go to Tools->options.

Step 3: Above step will open new window. Select Personalization sub-menu, choose radio button "Own persona" and click "Select Persona" button.

Step 4: Above action will again open a new child window as shown in below image. Click on "Visit Firefox Personas" button which will take you to firefox personas website. Select persona of your choice and and paste the URL of that persona in Persona address textbox as shown in image.

Click OK and we are done. You will find you LibreOffice personalized with selected Firefox persona.

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