Firefox 29.0 with major design makeover


Firefox rolled out new update 29.0 with major design changes. It's Firefox's first major design update after around 3 years.

So what's new in the new FF?

Although Firefox people has already explained visible changes very well  in their interactive on-boarding tour, I would like to note them down here.

1) Smooth intuitive menu which allows you to reach your favorite menu item very easily.

Check out the new menu interface at the right top corner of your browser.

2) Very handy customization interface which allows you to easily drag and drop your favorite items on menu and toolbar.

Go to menu and choose "Customize".

3) Curvy tabs gives smoother look and fades out when inactive.

4) Ability to add sync your devices using your Firefox account. Checkout this link in order to learn more.

5) There is one cool thing added for game lovers. That is Gamepad API which allows controlling using Gamepad controllers. Earlier there was option to enable this API from about:config, however in Firefox 29.0 it is finalized and enabled by default.

Check this Mozzila hack to learn more about Gamepad.

Ohkay now what's in it for developers!!?

Here we go ... several small changes for developers ... list goes as follows ...

  • 'box-sizing' (dropping the -moz- prefix) implemented (learn more)
  • Console object available in Web Workers (learn more)
  • Promises enabled by default (learn more)
  • SharedWorker enabled by default 
  • <input type="number"> implemented and enabled
  • <input type="color"> implemented and enabled
  • Enabled ECMAScript Internationalization API
  • Add-on bar has been removed, content moved to navigation bar
  • Implemented URLSearchParams from the URL specification (see MDN for details ) 
 Although it is difficult to dislike this new makeover of firefox, if you want the older look back then you can do that by simply installing an add-on. Check this article for more details.

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