screencast-o-matic: Instant web based screen recorder

There are several desktop programs available to record screen. However I've come across a web based tool to record screen. There are few more tools but I found this one more handy.

It allows you record your screen without installing any software on your system.

Steps are as follows:

1) Java plugin for browsers: 

To use screencast-o-matic Java is necessary requirement. Download and install Java from this link.

2) Go to screencast-o-matic.

3)Simply click on Start Recording button.

4) It will ask your permission to use Java in browser. Press "Allow".

 5) You will be again asked to allow permission temporary or permanent for this site.
Choose any option you wish. You might get few more popups asking for permissions. Allow permissions.

6) Allowing permission will show such capture box on screen. You can resize it as per requirement.

 Start recording by pressing red button and press "Done" when recording is complete.

7) Once you complete recording you can see the video and choose any of the option shown in the right panel.

8) I'll show walk-through for Youtube option.  

Add youtube account by pressing "Add Account".

It will show such popup. Choose Launch web browser.
 Allow permission to access your Youtube account.

Once done you can continue to upload the video.

Upload the video by pressing "Upload to youtube" button.

Once the upload is complete you will get URL of the video.

Note: Youtube might take some time to process the video before you can start playing it.

Here is a sample screencast recorded using screencast-o-matic.

Issues and suggestions are most welcome.

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