Chrome Remote Desktop : Control your computer from your Android Phone


This post is followup post for previous post: Chrome remote desktop: A handy remote access tool

In this post we will explore one more section that you may find on home page of Chrome remote desktop add-on. That is Access your own computer from anywhere. 

You can control your desktop remotely from your Android Phone or any other android device. You may need to install Chrome remote desktop Android App in your android device from Google Play Store.

In order to configure Chrome Remote Desktop add-on in chrome follow first 5 steps from previous post: Chrome remote desktop: A handy remote access tool

Then follow these step:

1) Click "Get Started" button on My Computers section.

2) Note: you can skip this step if you have already installed Remote Desktop Host in your system.

Now you will be prompted to install Chrome Remote Desktop Host in your system. You have to install Host in order to continue. Chrome will automatically download Remote Desktop Host once you click "OK". Once download complete you may need to install the same before continuing further.

3) Now you need to enable remote connection for your computer. 

4) You will be prompted to add pin for authentication purpose. Enter pin and you need to remember the same.

5) After that you will be prompted for pin to allow access by chrome remote desktop.

6) Now your computer is set for remote desktop connection. However you can any time disable remote access connection by clicking "Disable remote connection" button.

7) Now open Chrome remote desktop app from your android device. Make sure you are using the same Google account which you used while configuring your Chrome Add-on.

8) On opening the app you will find the name of the device which you configured for remote connection. 

9) Tap on the name of device and you will be prompted for the pin. Enter the pin which you entered in step 4.

10) On clicking "Connect" you will be able to see your computer screen on you device and you can access control the screen from your mobile device.

Done with the steps. :D 

Queries , suggestion most welcome .... 

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