Chrome remote desktop: A handy remote access tool


"Chrome remote desktop" is remote access tool from Big G. Remote access softwares allows you to remotely access some other computer. There are several remote access softwares available in market like TeamViewer, WebEx PCNow and many more. However Chrome remote desktop is a lightweight tool using which you can remotely access some other computer using your browser itself.

So let's get started: 

Step 1:

Install Chrome add-on from Chrome Web Store.

Step 2:

Go to your chrome apps and you will find Chrome Remote Desktop in apps list.

Step 3:

Launch Remote Desktop and it will ask for access permission to your desktop. You have to provide permission in order to use this addon. Click "Continue".

Step 4:

Once you provide permission to access your system, the add-on will asks to login to Google account and you need to provide few permissions to Chrome Remote Desktop app. 

Once you are done with authentications you are ready to use app.

Step 5: 

Now you will be able to see home screen of addon.


Sharing your computer or accessing some other computer for remote assistance:

Follow these steps:

1) Click "Get Started" button on Remote Assistance section.

2) Now you will be prompted to install Chrome Remote Desktop Host in your system. You have to install Host in order to continue. Chrome will automatically download Remote Desktop Host once you click "OK". Once download complete you may need to install the same before continuing further.

3)You will find this screen. Click on "Share" if you want to share your computer with someone.

4) On clicking "Share", you will be provided with Access code which you need to provide to the person with whom you want to share your computer. Your chrome add-on will be waiting for connection.

5) The person who want to access your computer also need to install the same add-on in his chrome browser And follow all the steps upto Step 5. Also first two steps of this section.

6) Select "Access" from this screen.

7) It will prompt for access code. He should enter the access code provided by you and click "Connect".

And we are done. He should be able to see your screen on his system.

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