Again going to talk about the great Google.

I'm going to discuss about a web application from Google labs which will help you to better understand & explore human body. The application is Google body browser.

Before you read more let me clarify that to use this application your system must meet some requirements. 1) You must be having good Internet speed. Dial up connection may be won't work well. For slower broadband connection also it will take some time to load so please be patient. 2) Your browser must be supporting WebGl which is provided there in latest versions of every browsers. I have tested on latest version of chrome.
You can easily go to some particular body part using search bar.
These is how it initially looks like.
If your browser is satisfying above requirements then you are ready to go to Google body browser.

This one is for firefox users.

I this post I would like to show simple steps to create your own persona for firefox. For that follow these steps:

Add Personas plus addon to firefox from here.

1)First of all you need to make one header image(Dimension :3000px X 200 px) & one footer image (Dimension :3000px X 100 px). You can use any png or jpg formates.

2) First of all to enable add-ons bar go to : View>Toolbrs and then check the check box of "add-ons bar".

3) Now you will find add-ons bar at the bottom of your browser.

4) Now from add-on bar menu select preferences as shown in image.

5) Now check the check box for "show custom persona in menu" item.

6) Now save & close that dialog box & again from add-ons bar menu choose custom persona and edit.

7)Now in new tab you will find something as shown in below image. In which you need to locate header & footer images created by you, choose proper colours & press "OK". That's done you will find your custom persona applied on your browser. :)

You can even submit your persona to firefox but for that you need to create a firefox persona user account. To submit persona click here.

I have tested this on firefox 4. If you find any troubles then leave a comment regarding to that. :)

Are you interested in history a bit? Do you want to improve your history knowledge a bit more?

Before you get confused in above questions let me clarify what I am talking about. I would like to point out a cooool site which will take you inside the history of the current day. The site is made upon flash so it will take some time to load so be patient.
Just follow this link to find out the history of the current day:

Online tracking is the backbone of advertising on the internet and powers everything from personalizing ads to actual web page content for you individually. It can be carried out using cookies.

Tracking companies gather your location, keywords you search for, browser type, and everything in between to offer a portfolio for ad companies to target you with. It's not like that online tracking is always harmful for a user but many time it may happen that such tracking cookies are collecting those information which a user would not like to share.

What to do? Well you can remove such cookies manually. But it is a bit tedious approach.
Here I want to suggest a site which can help you to get rid of it in easy way.
That is

- What you need to do is just visit this site.

- On visiting the site it will show you the no of tracking companies which are currently tracking you.

- Now you can opt-out(get rid ) from all companies or you can even remove selected companies from list.

The site is also providing google chrome plugin which you can install from here.

You may suggest any other way if you are knowing via comments. :)

If you are knowing about then you can simply skip following paragraph. is Microsoft Office like Office suite p
rovided by Oracle. Best thing of this suite is that it is an opensource free software. Moreover it is available for Windows,Linux & Mac platforms free of charge. For more information you can visit the site:
You can also download this software from the same site.

Now let's come to the topic. Discussion here is about customizing keyboard shortcuts in May be possible that most of openoffice user might be knowing about this. If you not then just read on...
1)To customize keyboard shortcuts open any (i.e. word processor, presentation, spread sheet).

2)Now go to Tools>customize... .

3) It will popup another window. Now select "keyboard" tab.

4) Now if you want changes to take effect on all the openoffice suit then select radio button "".

5) Now you may select shortcut keys which you want to modify, select the function which you want to assign to that shortcut & click "modify" button.

6) You can also modify unused shortcuts to add new functions.

I know that the title of the post is obviously confusing. So let me clarify it . Page speed & YSlow are tools for testing load time & performance of a webpage (website) provided by google & yahoo respectively. Now why should one measure load time? The answer is this "Both google & yahoo uses page load time to give ranking to pages.". That means optimizing page load time will result into better search engine ranking.

How to use these tools?

Using Page speed:

* On chrome: For instructions to setup Page speed on chrome click here.

* On firefox: For instructions to setup Page speed on chrome click here.

Using YSlow:

* YSlow addon for fire fox: click here to got to addon page.

*TSlow extension for Chrome: click here to install/download YSlow for chrome

Sorry but i'm not tried to find for IE. If any one then please leave a comment.

Now what about GTmetrix ?:-/

GTmatrix is online application which uses Page speed & YSlow for the same purpose. You need to simply give your site url to the site & it will analyse your site using Page speed & YSlow & show resulty for both.

I have tested this blog using these tools & results are not so good.:(
So don't get surprised if you find some modification sooner or letter. :)

If you are knowing about virtual box then skip following paragraph.

VirtualBox is a open source, feature rich, high performance virtualization software. It allows you to run an unmodified operating system with all of its installed software to run on top of your existing operating system. With VirtualBox you can run any OS versions of Windows, Mac or Linux.

So if you want to run any windows or Mac application on your linux machine than you can do that using virtual box. Wine is also a better option for running windows application on linux but there are some applications which do not run properly in wine so for that virtual box is better option.

To install virtual box in ubuntu you can fire following command:

chmod +x

Or you can download it from site :
Since I haven't tested it yet if you find any trouble in installing then leave a comment about that.:)

This one's for all those ubuntu fans who are waiting for ubuntu's upcoming version 11.04 Natty Narwhal (like me). Well ubuntu has already released 3 alpha versions for Natty Narwhal & beta is expected to be released at the march ending. Of course final release will be out during april.

If you want to test latest alpha 3 release of ubuntu 11.04 then you can download it from here but since it is an alpha release you have to test it on your own risk.

Now here in this post I would like to point out few changes which you will find in

1) LibreOffice 3.3 taking place of from default office suite. Still will be a part of software repository.

2) Banshee will be default music player instead of rhythmbox.

3) Oneconf will be included by default in Ubuntu 11.04. OneConf is a mechanism for recording software information in Ubuntu One, and synchronising with other computers as needed.

4) Gnome-dictionary will be removed from the CD.

5) Software Center “For Purchase” category will be updated with more commercial software. And you will be able to sponsor your favorite app by donating any money amount to developers.

6) GTK app Remmina will replace TSClient as the default remote desktop client in Ubuntu 11.04.

If any other changes you come to know then please share them using comments. :)
If you are filling that our typing speed is a bit slow and willing to increase it then here I'm suggesting some sites which can be very useful to improve your typing speed.
Check out:




These site gives their best to improve your typing skills but on the basis of my own experience I would like to say that IM(instance messaging) chat tools in social networking sites such as facebook , orkut can also be helpful to improve your typing skills at some extends(of course they are not so effective as above mentioned sites).:D

These are really very few sites. You will get many such site on web. Fill free to suggest any other better sites via comments.

Ubuntu is on of the famous distribution of linux. I'm a fan of ubuntu. So here I'm going list out some Easter eggs which I come to know.

1) Free the fish:

Press Alt-F2 to open a "Run Application" box. Now type in "free the fish" without quotes, and press enter.


Again press Alt-F2 to open "Run application" box. Now type "gegls from outer space" without quotes, and press enter.

Enjoy shooting cows. Well I don't why they call them "gegls".If any one knowing please inform me via comment. :) But they looks like "cows from outer space".:P

3)Moo on apt:

Open terminal & type: sudo apt-get moo.

what's that...?!!

If you are knowing any other Easter eggs then please suggest them via comments.

Here I would like to give some easy & simple steps to install Tiny OS on ubuntu.

I have installed Tiny OS on ubuntu 10.10 only but the same steps can also be useful for other ubuntu flavours.

To install Tiny OS Follow these steps:
1)Open "Applications > accessories >terminal".

2)Copy following code in terminal:

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

3)Above command will open a text file named "sources.list". Now copy following code at the end of this file:

deb edgy main
deb feisty main

Now save & close the file.

4) Open "System>Administration>Synaptic package manager".

5) Now in quick search bar write "tinyos" press enter.
6) It will show you long list out of which select "tinyos-2.1.1".

7) On selecting tinyos-2.1.1 package manager will ask you to mark some other required packages. Click on "mark all" button.

8) So Dialog box will disappear. Now in package manager click "Apply" button. So downloading will be started which will take some time.

9)After completing downloading it will automatically install packages.

10) After synaptic package manager has done all tasks close it and open terminal and write this command: gedit ~/.bashrc
which will open .bashrc file in gedit now at the bottom of the file write following line:
source /opt/tinyos-2.1.1/

11) Now save file ,close gedit ,close terminal & open a new terminal. If in new terminal u find following at the first line of terminal that means our tinyos is installed successfully.

Setting up for TinyOS 2.1.1

Of course I'm not the founder of this Easter Egg. :) But today while searching the net i come to know an interesting Easter Egg of yahoo. May be possible that you are already knowing this one.

Go to yahoo home page:

Make sure that you are not on yahoo India page because this Easter Egg will not work there.:)

Now move your mouse pointer on the exclamation mark ("!") of yahoo logo of the page (on upper left corner). Keep your speakers or headphones on.
Now click it..... :D
I'm going to show an interesting tip for ubuntu users.

In older versions of ubuntu there was a feature named "Login themes". But in newer versions they have removed this feature (I don't know exactly why?).

So if you are tired with that default login screen then this post can help you to at least change login screen background. Here is how.....

Follow these steps:

1) Copy your favourite wallpaper to system wallpaper directory using following command:Make sure that wallpaper is in jpg formate.

sudo cp [path of your wallpaper here] /usr/share/backgrounds

sudo cp home/vatsal/my-wallpaper-name.jpg /usr/share/backgrounds

2)Activate appearance window on login using following command:
sudo cp /usr/share/applications/gnome-appearance-properties.desktop /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow

3)Close terminal & logout from current session so on the login screen you will find appearance window:
4) go to background tab & select your favourite background from there. If your background is not visible then click "Add" button and you will able to find wallpaper in /usr/share/backgrounds directory.

5)After choosing wallpaper you can login again.

6)Now this appearance window will appear every time at the login screen. So to remove it use following command:
sudo unlink /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow/gnome-appearance-properties.desktop


Comments plzzz.....

Going to talk a little about the great Google & some serious stuffs related to Japan.

Japan was hit by a massive earthquake of 8.9 and around 13 meter high tsunami waves. So many peoples are still missing. I know that nothing latest in this information.
But recently I come to know about Google's contribution to this.

Which is a very useful online application powered by Google named as "Google person finder". Using which you can enter information about any person whom you are looking. You can also enter information about someone if you are knowing.

Here is the link to application: google person finder.
This is how it looks like:

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