One of the most awaiting release of famous Linux flavour UBUNTU is over today as canonical officially released stable release of UBUNTU 11.04 today.

You can download free ISO image from here.

If you are already using any older version of ubuntu then you can directly upgrade to ubuntu 11.04 using any of the following method:

1) Using live CD

You need to have the Ubuntu 11.04 Live CD already downloaded to do this. In the new Ubuntu installer menu, there is an option to upgrade from Ubuntu 10.10 to Ubuntu 11.04 directly.

The Ubuntu installer will automatically detected the older Ubuntu release already installed in your system and the second option in the list is 'Upgrade Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04'. Select the option and click forward.

2) Second method is to directly upgrade from Internet:

For this you require Internet connection.

Now open System>Administration> Update manager.

Update manager will show option for upgrade. Simply click it & it will start upgrade wizard.

After restarting your system you will find your upgraded ubuntu system.:)))

To find out new changes in ubuntu 11.04 you can read previous post Something about ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.

Here I would like to point out a good web application which may help you directly convert a web page into PDF formate.

It is a bad nightmare to take printouts of a web page because there is no standard size of a web page so there are chances that you may miss some important text in the print.
So better way is to convert it first in PDF & then take printouts.

The web application is iWeb2Print.

You are simply suppose to enter URL of the web page and choose size of document whichever you want and within few seconds it will show you a link "Download PDF" from where you can download generated PDF file.

If you are already knowing what id NetBeans then you may skip following paragraph.

The NetBeans IDE is an award-winning integrated development environment available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris. The NetBeans project consists of an open-source IDE and an application platform that enable developers to rapidly create web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications using the Java platform, as well as PHP, JavaScript and Ajax, Groovy and Grails, and C/C++. For more information about NetBeans you can visit official site of NetBeans from here.

Now comes the latest new that is the next release of NetBeans IDE which is 7.0 is already release & you can download it from here.

Wine is a famous software which provides platform to run windows based application.

Latest wine release 1.3.18 is now available.

New features in this release are as follows:

- Support for mouse pointer clipping.
- Raw mouse events support using XInput2.
- First steps of a DIB engine implementation.
- More properties supported in DXDiag.
- New security tab in the Internet control panel.
- Improved video playback on Mac OS X.
- Various bug fixes.

You can download it for different platform from here.

For more information click here.

Now you can create custom Gmail themes.
Up till now we were able to change only colours on our own but now we can even change background image/colour & customise all other component according to our requirement.

For that simply go to setting & select themes tag. Over that in the last entry you will find "create your own theme".

You can write flipped text as like sıɥʇ. How???
Two ways for that.:)
1) Using any of the following Facebook application:

2) Using any of the following site to flip your text & copy paste it anywhere you want.:)
¿loooɔ ʇı ʇ,usı

what's this???!!!!!
Google's latest daily puzzle game which will test your searching skills. Every day one question will be published & it's difficulty level will keeps on increasing from Monday to Saturday just like crossword puzzles.:D
Check yours searching skills here.:) I find that mine is very pooor.:(

If you are a fan of Google (which of course everyone would be) like me then here I would like to suggest a must read book for you. It's "The Google Story". If you are interested to know history & more about google then don't miss this book. I have just started reading & I really find it interesting.:D

May be possible that you are already knowing about this book then kindly ignore this post.

Here is the official site for the book:

To download it for free just tell google to tell it's story I mean search "the google story free download" on google & click on the first link which appear in search.:D

This one is for for all those netizens on facebook. :)

Well until now we are used to write text status on Facebook. Just think about sharing voice (audio) status. If you want to record a video and post it then you can do that from Facebook itself but to share only audio messages you can use a cool Facebook application named MyMic.

Using this application you can record voice for 20 seconds & then post it as status on your wall. 20 seconds for a status is enough but if you want more time then you can spend a little to upgrade application for longer messages.

Once you click "start recording" button then the application will ask permission to access your mic which you have to accept to use application. Now after recording when you click "publish" button then application will post your message on your wall.

Here I'm going to show an important tip which will be very useful or Bloggers & web administrators. It is about pinging your new posts & site updates. Now what exactly pinging is? It is a method to let search engines know that you contents on your site are updated. Sending pings will attract search engines like yahoo , google etc. to track new changes on your site and this will definitely going to increase hits on your site , Blog.

Now how to ping your site? ?
Well there are many ping service sites available to do this.
Here is a list of such sites. You can use anyone of them.:)

Only thing you are suppose to do is that go to any of above site. Enter your URL , Title & content type and click the button "pingggggggggggg".:)

Most of the experienced blogger are practising this.If you are not then start now because it will really going to increase hits on your blog.

Any time u send a mail to new person , Gmail will automatically save add that person's contact list. So next time when you want to send e mail to the same person you need not to remember his/her email id because gmail has saved it as contact if you will write any part of his/her name gmail will show you list of matching contacts & you can select from it.

Now above feature is really very helpful if you are used to send mails to some small no of important people. But if you are used to send many emails a day to some people who are not very important then also Gmail will keep on auto saving those people to your contact list. So if you fill that these unnecessary contacts are cluttering your address book then you can disable this auto save feature. Here's how.....

1)Login to your Gmail account.

2)Click on setting tab.

3)Now under general tab you will find option like: "Create contacts for auto-complete" . For this option select radio button : "I will add contacts myself" .

Note: After changing this setting Gmail will not auto save any contacts so make sure that you add important contacts manually.:)

Ha ha ha..... Google again making people April fool.
If you wants to search any thing related to April Fool just check out this link. Google's service.

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