Installing KDE desktop environment on ubuntu 11.04


First of all let me clear what is KDE for those who have heard it first time. KDE is an desktop environment for linux based systems similar to GNOME & UNITY. I ubuntu 11.04 default desktop environment is UNITY.

Have installed KDE desktop environment on my Ubuntu 11.04 desktop & playing with it since last 2 days.:) :D It really super coooool. Using KDE you can continue with performance of linux and add even better appearance than windows 7 to your system.

So if you also wants to pertinence chill of KDE then you can do that by simply firing following two commands in your terminal.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install kde-standard

That's all you are done. Next time when your system will be booted you will KDE's cooool login screen.

But wait, to login using KDE environment click on button where you will find list of awailable environments from which you need to select "KDE plasma" & then login.
Initially you will not find any thing cooool but there are lots of cool widgets , themes ,wallpapers,desktop effect etc.... are available. So just play with the environment & you will gradually find it supper coool.

I have tested it on ubuntu 11.04 & working perfectly on my PC. You may try it on other versions on your risk & please share your experience using comments. :D

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