Yup.HTC has made source code of it's few devices available for it's developers. These devices are Salsa, EVO 4G Gingerbread, Droid Incredible 2 Gingerbread, Sensation, EVO 3D, ChaCha and Desire Z. These source code are available at HTC developer's repository. May be this is due to complains bombarded by several customers on  HTC's Facebook page.
Nope..... It's not me who is telling this. It's a Canadian psychometric consulting company AptiQuant which offered free online IQ tests to over 100,000 people and then plotted their average IQ scores against the browser on which the test was taken.
And it find out that IE users are having comparatively lower IQ than other browser user. Sorry to all IE user for promoting this astonishing survey but it's true :( . Below graph will delineate everything.

 You can read more about this study from here.

Really sorry to all readers for not updating this blog since the long time.....

This post is for those who have started loving Google+ & want to continue with FB & Twitter. 
In this post I would like to introduce a useful Google Chrome extension which will allow you to synchronize your Google+ stream ( which analogous to status in FB) with FB & Twitter account.

You can also enable facebook notification on Google+ using this extension so no need to go to FB for even checking updates. :D
The extension is Start G+ an you can download and/or install it on your Chrome browser  from here.

On the extension site itself a slideshow is given to get started with this extension. Still if you are confused about the usage of the extension then fill free to comment I'll reply. :) 

Also there will be definitely few other ways to achieve this synchronization. So if you are knowing other then you can share here through comments. :)

Now how do I come to know????:)

In my one of the earlier post i have mentioned draft.blogger.com. It is like testing lab of blogger & I'm using it as my default editor for blogger. Today I find out a cool new interface in my draft.blogger.com account & obviously the same interface will also be available for blogger users very soon. If you also want to experience this new interface then you can log into draft.blogger.com using the same Google account which you use for blogger.

Linux again...:))

You will find lots of tools for making bootable pendrive for windows but for Linux there are comparatively few tools available. Although Ubuntu like OS provides utilities to make bootable pendrives but for few other Linux flavors here I'm going share a cool site which provides good support & tools for making bootable Pendrives of a Linux OS.

The site is: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/

Now, one of my friend wanted to make bootable pendrive of backtrack OS so here is the link for that on the same site mentioned below.

Feel free to leave comments for any queries or suggestions.
Canonical has recently released it's cloud service ubuntu one for mobile devices like android phones & iPhone.

Ubutnu users should be familiar about ubutnu one. 30 days trial version is free but after 30 days you have to pay to continue using ubuntu one. You can find more information from official site.

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