Now this one is highly technical stuff.....

I just designed a simple bootloader which will display "Hello world!" on your screen at the time of boot.

I have tested following steps very well on my sysstem but still you are at your own risk.

1) Download following two file:
bootsect.s file contains assembly code for boot-loader which will be compiled using Makefile. 

2) Now copy these files in any empty folder. 
Hi again all....

Now all you blogger users out there, this one is for you.... sorry for us...:P (I'm also a blogger user...).
Our own blogger has recently come up with new kind of templates named as "Dynamic views". Blogger developers has designed seven different cool view which your blog visitor can change dynamically.

If you haven't tried this dynamic views yet then for old blogger interface go to "design" tab & "blogger template designer" sub-tab.
For newer blogger interface go to template menu.
There you will find new blogger dynamic views which you can apply to your blog.

This views are designed using latest web technologies like HTML5 , CSS3 & AJAX so they can give good performance on  newer versions of browsers.

Also this dynamic views were not working properly in chrome-linux combination of my system although it's working good on my Firefox.
One more thing is that this dynamic templates are not supporting widgets so if you are work without widgets then these dynamic templates are really cool & awesome..... :D

Woa woa woa..... see what these FB people are upto .....:o

We have been experiencing lots of small changes since last few months.... But now it's time for a big one.... :o  and that is Timeline... You'll be enjoying a completely new look in the form of Timeline in the near future.....

But if you can't wait & just want to try it right now then you follow the instructions given on following link

at ur oun risk....:P

I have tested and it's working ... ... :)

To know more about Facebook Timeline feature follow this link ...

Here I'm attaching snapshot of my new profile oops.. sorry "Timeline"... :)

Comments are most welcome.......:)
In my previous post I shared my Infosys interview experience. This post is again about interview...:p This time going to share my Cognizant interview experience. Cognizant visited our college just on the next day of Infosys's visit.

Again interview procedure was mainly in two phase...

1) Aptitude test: 
- Again No technical questions.....
- Questions were based on logical reasoning, verbal ability & quantitative aptitude. But verbal section was really tough...

2) Personal Interview: 

This one was not so easy as Infosys one...   It took around 20 minutes....

Here it goes.....
Me: May I come in sir?

Interviewer: Yes, come in vatsal.... (Yeah he used my name..) 

Me: thank u sir.. 
(He took my resume in his hand....)

Interviewer: So you was a good performer in 10th & 12th ..... What about graduation???  (Since I was having 91 & 83 % in 10th & 12th respectively, in B.Tech my PPI is 7.8 /10 )
(So he wanted to know my opinion about my performance....)

Hi again ....

This time going a little bit off track.... but this post will be really useful for freshers....

Before 2 week back to back two companies visited our college. So just going to share Infosys  PI experience in this post. I'll share cognizant experience in next post.Really sorry for sharing late...:)  

Infosys experience: 

Placement procedure was in 2 phase.
1) Written test: 
- Only general aptitude questions. No technical. 
- If you think your apti is weak then it is preferable to keep CAT,GRE persons around you.... ;) 

2) Personal Interview: 

Since it was my first PI , I was feeling a little bit nervous & my PI was second in my panel so didn't get chance to ask someone about what interviewer is asking.....:P 

Infosys interview was a short one of around 5-7 minutes....

Here's how it went....

Today I' going to share a cool software package to synchronize your documents between your different digital equipments like PC , mobiles ,PDA etc... which is Dropbox.

Dropbox also provides up to 2GB free space on it's cloud. Also it is available for all famous OS platforms i.e. Windows, Mac , Linux .

There is an amazing video on their site which explains Dropbox very well. So no need to explain more from my side.....:) Still for any doubts or queries fill free to leave comment.

To visit site of Dropbox click here.

Hufff.... Finally out of college exam tension & really in nice mood of writing this very very useful post. 

What I'm going to discuss about is Ubuntu Customization Kit (UCK). This is an amazing GUI based tool to customize your Ubuntu according to your need.

You can remove unwanted existing packages (softwares) & add those packages (softwares) which is of your need and make customized ISO image of Ubuntu which you can use afterwards to install Ubuntu. That means next time when you will install Ubuntu using this customized CD ,you will get all packages of your need by default. No need to download & reinstall those packages. Isn't it amazing?? :D  So let's begin. Follow these steps......

1) You need to install Ubuntu customization kit. So for that go to ubuntu software center or synaptic package manager and search for "Ubuntu customization kit" & install it.

Hi all....

In GNOME environment it is an easy deal to clear history of recently used document. Just go to “Places” > “Recent Documents” from in custom menu & choose  “Clear recent Documents”. 

But in Ubuntu 11.04 (Unity environment) I'm not able to find out such direct GUI way. So I asked google about the same :). So i come to know that recent document history is managed by Zeitgeist client & I came to know set of commands to do this. You can fire following commands to clear recent 
document history: 

rm ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel
touch ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel
rm ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/activity.sqlite 
zeitgeist-daemon --replace  

These commands clears recent document history & restarts zeitgeist-daemon. Here restarting zeitgeist-daemon will take significantly long amount of time so please stay cool & let it restart itself :).

If you don't want to type or copy/paste these command every time then copy paste following lines in a file & set "executable bit" of this file. Now clearing recent document history is just double click away. :)

#! /bin/bash


rm $DELPATH/recently-used.xbel
touch $DELPATH/recently-used.xbel
rm $DELPATH/zeitgeist/activity.sqlite
zeitgeist-daemon --replace

Fill free to leave comments .. 

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