Recently I updated GNOME shell to version 3.3.2. Unfortunately after this update I find out that all my older GNOME shell extensions were uncomputable with newer version.

So to make these extension compatible with newer version (or any other version) here I'm going to show a trick. Yeah it's a trick ...not an official method to do this. Also there is no guaranty that all the older extensions will work properly with newer version of GNOME shell by this method.But many of them works well. :)

To fix it follow these steps:

1) First of all there are chances that all your older extensions might be removed after update. In such situation  you have to download extensions of your choice again.

2) Now once downloaded place them in directory "~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions". If there is no such directory then create one and extract extension here.

Make sure that you have enabled "show hidden files" option in your file manager because ".local"  is a hidden directory.

3) Now comes the real trick. In the extracted directory of the extension find a file named "metadata.json". Open this file with any text editor.

4) Now to find out the version of your GNOME shell fire following command in the terminal:

gnome-shell --version

5) Now again look at the metadata.json file. In that file you will find parameter named "shell-version". Set the value of this parameter to your current shell version.

We are done ... now open advanced settings and in extension tab you will find this extension compatible. You have to change "shell-version" parameter in matadata.json file of each extension.

"MATE" is a fork of GNOME 2 which is the default desktop environment of one of the fastest growing Linux flavor "Linux Mint".

To install MATE environment on your existing ubuntu system follow this steps:

1) To ad linux mint repository to your repository list open terminal and fire following command:

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list 

This comand will open a sources.list file in gedit. Now in the opened file paste following lines at the end:
deb lisa main upstream import

Save and close the file.

2) Now fire following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install linuxmint-keyring 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install mint-meta-mate

After successful execution of these commands you are having MATE installed on your system. Now to use it logout and at the login screen choose Mate as desktop environment before login.
Hi friends.

Today I'm going to introduce a cool tool which can convert any site into a desktop application. Once you have created that application for a website then you don't need to go to a web browser to open that site. You open site as an application by simply clicking on it's shortcut.

The tool is Prism. Those who had used older version of ubuntu might be already knowing about Prism because at that time ubuntu was giving Prism by default.

To use prism follow these steps:

1) Go to this link:

2) Here you will find two links. One for installing Firefox extension. But this extension may not be compatible with latest version of Firefox. So we will concentrate on the other alternative that is downloading Prism application. So using second link download Prism. 

3) Now extract the package.

4) In extracted package you will find a binary file named prism. Click on it to start prism. Which will pop up a window as shown in below image.

5) Now in URL field enter the URL of the site which you want to convert in to an desktop application and give you application a name. Make sure you check the checkbox for shortcut location.

6) On clicking OK your application is ready and you will find an window as shown in below snapshot which is the application window of your website application.

7) Also you will find an shortcut like with .desktop extension on your desktop as shown in below snapshot. So you can open your application any time by clicking on this shortcut.

Leave comment for any doubts or suggestions.
This one is for empathy users.....

For those who are not knowing what empathy is: Empathy is a well known chat client for linux systems. For more information go here.

Okay now coming back to original discussion....

If you are bored of using default themes of empathy and want to try some new themes then you can download new empathy themes from here.

To use these downloaded themes extract the downloaded package. Now from that extracted folder copy the folder having name "*.AdiumMessageStyle" (here '*' indicates any string) ans paste that folder to "~/.local/share/adium/message-styles" folder (create this folder path if you are not already having). Here "~" indicates your home directory.

Now after doing this you can choose these themes from Empathy's preferences -> "Themes" tab.

Below are links to some of my favorite themes....

Leave comments if you got any doubts...:)

I was wondering why Google has not made Gtalk available on Google+ since they launched G+.

Finally it's the time....Today I login to G+ and find out the chat among circles option..
So now we can chat with G+ friends same as we used to do with our Gmail account....

Good news...:)
Google's new innovative project...... :)

Yeah it's for converting flash (.swf) animations in to HTML5.

Now what is the benefit of converting flash files to HTML5??? The answer is that using HTML5 flash authors can show their flash animations without any external plugin to your browser.

Right now it's in Beta version and works for any SWF file having size less then 1 MB.

Adobe Flash extension for swiffy is also available.....

To check it out click here.

Click here to see some samples converted using swiffy...

If you have not never heard about Xubuntu before then let me clarify that Xubuntu is one flavor of Ubuntu having Xfce  as default desktop environment.
Xfce is lightweight dsktop environment for Unix-like systems..

Click here to know more about Xfce.  

Now if you want faster system then you should seriously try Xfce desktop environment. To use it you can either download live CD of Xubuntu OS from here or you can add Xfce /Xubuntu desktop environment on your current Ubuntu system also....and it will not overwrite your current desktop environment like Unity means you can use any of them.

Now to install open terminal and type in following commands in terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop

Now to use Xfce/Xubuntu environment logout from your current session and at the login screen choose Xfce/Xubuntu from the list of available desktop environments and login again....

You can uninstall Xubuntu-desktop anytime using following command:

sudo apt-get remove xubuntu-desktop.

Now you can create pages for your business, products or hobbies same as Facebook pages....

To create a Google+ page sign in to your Google+ account and then in the right side bar you will find a ink as "create a google+ page". Follow that link..

Then choose the category of your page....

After that fill up the name of the page and website (if any) ... accept terms & conditions and click "create".

That's it...:)

Talking about terminals again.....:P

In this post I going to introduce a tool which will make dealing linux commands easier and faster.
The tool is CLI companion.

- Some basic commands are already defined in tool so to fire a command we are just suppose to click on command.
- Search box is also added using which we can search commands easily
- Also we can add new commands to the tool
- I shows terminal also so that we can know that what exactly is going on behind the GUI.


Debian user fire following commands in terminal:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:clicompanion-devs/clicompanion-nightlies
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install clicompanion

Alternatively you can download CLI companion from here.

Writing this post specially for linux newbies.

One of the follower of this blog requested me to help him learn linux commands & terminal. So this is an attempt to fulfill his request...:)

So here we go.....

If you are already familiar with window command prompt then it will be very easy for you to learn linux commands and you will start enjoying it very soon.....:)

We can say that linux terminal is similar to window's command prompt but linux terminal is far more powerful then command prompt that is for sure.... Terminal is basically an application which provides an interface to fire linux commands.

One more thing which I would like to clarify is that if you are not knowing commands then it doesn't mean that you can't use linux properly because today's almost all linux flavors are having powerful GUI tools for all general purpose linux commands but knowing commands will definitely make you feel closer to your system. 

One more thing is that as I mentioned earlier linux command world is far larger than windows' so you can't expect that you will be knowing all the commands in very short time. You have to be patient and keep exploring it. The more you explore the more you learn.

Also don't try to mug up syntax of any command  whenever you get confused just fire this command :"man <command_name>" (replace <command_name> with the name of the command)

This command will open manual page of the command specified as argument.
Manual pages gives the information about the usage of the command specified by "command_name".

These are some very useful links to learn linux commands.  

This is the directory of all linux commands:

If you are already familiar with windows command prompt then this link will make the task of learning command far more easier for you.

Following site is having video tutorials for the same:

Few more useful sites:

Also there is an useful tool which you can use in place of terminal click here to read more.

Comment here fro any suggestions or questions......:) Enjoy linux......:D

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