If you want to provide extra security to some very important content on ubuntu then follow these steps to password protect those content.

1) You have to install a utility called "encfs".

 For that fire this command:

sudo apt-get install encfs

2) After successful completion of above command we are ready to create encrypted directory.

The utility encfs will create one directory which contains the encrypted files and one directory where the files are unlocked and accessible.
The syntax for encfs is: encfs <path to encrypted directory> <path to visible directory>

For example, I wish to have a directory in my home directory called visible and another one called encrypted. Therefore I could write:
encfs ~/.encrypted ~/visible  

Above command will ask for password to encrypt data.  
Make sure you remember this password because if you will forget this password then even you will not be able to access your very important data.

3) After entering password ~/visible directory will be mounted and you can drop in your important data to this directory.

4) Now one you have stored your data to ~/visible directory you can close (or umnount) ~/visible directory using following command.

fusermount -u ~/visible

Now after unmounting ~/visible directory you will not be able to see any data in visible directory. But you can find encrypted version of that data on ~/.encrypted directory (.encrypted is a hidden directory so to see this directory enable "show hidden files" option from nautilus preferences). 
5) Now if you want to show the data in ~/visible directory then you may fire following command which will again mount ~/visible directory.(Yeah of-course it will ask for password to decrypt data. :) )

encfs ~/.encrypted ~/visible

Recently I have seen few of my friend being the victim of malicious links on Facebook. Such incident puts a person in very weird situation. So here's I'm going to focus on a must have Facebook app to secure to yourself from such malicious links. 

It's an app from IT security vendor F-Secure names sharesafe . Initially this app will ask for few basic permissions. After allowing that permissions you can share link via this app. Before posting links to your wall this app will scan the link first and it will only post it on wall if the link is safe. It is also preferable that before clicking on suspicious link you scan that link using this app. :)    

Click here  to go to this app and enjoy safe Facebooking. :D

Hi friends.  Going to write about one all time best powerful text browser named Lynx.

Now let me explain the title first. "See how search engines see your site". This is not what I'm saying this is what the great Google says.Read this paragraph:

Use a text browser such as Lynx to examine your site, because most search engine spiders see your site much as Lynx would. If fancy features such as JavaScript, cookies, session IDs, frames, DHTML, or Flash keep you from seeing all of your site in a text browser, then search engine spiders may have trouble crawling your site.

You can find above paragraph on Google's Webmaster Guidelines. 

Because of the speed and some more powerful feature of such text based browser they are perfect for search engines. So if you are a webmaster then you better check how your site appears to search engines.

Since Lynx is a command line tool one more positive of such browser is that it can utilize all power of command line.  For example

lynx -dump mysite.com 

command will dump whole text and links from the homepage of mysite.com.

Now if we want list of all links from this page then we can pipe the output of above command to grep utiliy as shown below:

lynx -dump mysite.com | grep -o "http:.*" >file.txt  

Above command will write the list of all links from home page of mysite.com to a text file names file.txt.

This is how this blog looks in lynx:

You can download and install Lynx from here.

Debian based system user can also try following command:

sudo apt-get install lynx

Leave comments in case of any trouble or suggestions....:)

I has been looking this tool as featured item in my software center but didn't give it a try. Finally today gave it a try today and find out that it's an awesome tool.

There's a long list of it's features given on it's site. Click here to check out features,screen shots and videos.

To install Openshot on Debian based systems like ubuntu,mint fire this commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonoomph/openshot-edge
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openshot openshot-doc
Non-debian Linux users can download and install openshot from here.  
You can also find source-code from the same link. 

Here is the home page of openshot site.
In this post I'm going to show you a trick to block unwanted sites on your linux system. For this method we don't need any third party tool.
To block a site names "abc.com" follow these instruction:

Open the file /etc/host in any editor with root privileges. For that fire following command in terminal for debian based system like ubuntu:

sudo gedit /etc/host 

This will open /etc/host file in gedit.

At the end of this file add a new line entry like below: abc.com

(Note: here replace abc.com with the domain name of the site which you want to block.)

And done .... now try to open that site on your browser and your browser will tell you "I'm unable to connect..." :D .

Make sure you are testing with exact domain name means if you have added entry of abc.com then it will not block www.abc.com . You have to add separate entry for www.abc.com....

Before writing anything let me clarify that these top 10 are according to my opinion so kindly forgive me if you don't find your favorite in this list....:)

Okay now here goes the list: 

I'll not number them because all are my favorite....:) 

Adblock Plus

It's one of the most famous firefox add-on since a long time. Adblock Plus blocks unwanted , irritating adds. 
Read more and install this add-on

Video DownloadHelper

This is the best video down-loader add-on for firefox according to me. If you haven't used it yet then just give it a try.
Read more and install this add-on


You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page using this add-on. Must have tool for web designers. 
Read more and install this add-on


This is a mouse gesture extension which enables us to execute browser commands like go backward, go forward,close etc just by the movement of mouse. Really cool...
Read more and install this add-on 

If you have installed gnome shell on your linux system then initially we are provided with suspend menu item as shown in below snapshot.

So we need to logout from the gnome shell first and then only we can shutdown the system.

I come across a gnome shell extension using which we can enable shutdown option in Gnome shell as shown in below snapshot.

The extension is available on Gnome extension site : https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/14/shut-down-menu/

To install this extension just click the toggle button provided on the above link's page. This will ask you to install extension.

In this post I'm going to introduce a cool tweak tool for Unity. The tool is MyUnity.

- Adjust the launcher's properties like transparency, width, it's display animation etc..
- Adjust properties of dash window like it's size , blur etc...
- Adjust transparency of top panel.
- Adjust font properties...

To install this tool fire following commands in your terminal...

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:myunity/ppa 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install myunity

To install tomcat 7 you must be having JDK installed on your system.

So for that you can download and install JDK from here.
Alternatively for debian based systems(like ubuntu,mint) you can also fire this command to install JDK:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk  

Now to install tomcat follow these steps:

1) To download and extract tomcat package fire these commands:

wget http://apache.hoxt.com/tomcat/tomcat-7/v7.0.23/bin/apache-tomcat-7.0.23.tar.gz

tar xvzf apache-tomcat-7.0.23.tar.gz

You can also download and install tomcat package manually from the above link. 

2) Now we'll move this extracted files to some permanent location. For that fire following command.

 sudo mv apache-tomcat-7.0.23 /usr/local/tomcat 

This command will move files to /usr/local/tomcat directory. You can choose any other location also because it's linux and it's not rigid like windows...;) :) .

3) Now to use tomcat we also need to set JAVA_HOME environment variable. For that fire following command .

gedit ~/.bashrc 

This command will open .bashrc file in gedit. You can use any other editor than gedit also. 

Now at the end of the opened file add following lines:

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun  

Here /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun is the path of JDK. Make sure that you change it if you are using a different version of JDK.

Now we are done with installation part.
To start tomcat execute startup.sh file from tomcat/bin directory.

To chec whether tomcat is working or not open browser and try to access localhost on port 8080 by writing following in addressbar.

It should show up with tomcat welcome page as shown in below snapshot.

Leave comments for any trouble and suggestions....:) 
It looks like chrome, safari and Firefox's new competitor getting stronger (Sorry but I personally don't consider IE in competition. :P).  We are talking about opera's latest version 11.60 code named as "Tunny" and this is my first post from tunny :P . Okay now let's take a look at new features of tunny. 

- Enhancements in Built-in mail client... Yeah they are giving built-in mail client to      manage your emails easily.

- New browser engine which provides faster and stable Internet experience.
- Address field is revamped with search suggestions, a bookmark star for faster bookmarking and speed-dialing.

You can see complete change-log from here.  

This is an introductory video of opera:

You can download opera 11.60 (tunny) from here.

Hi all...

In this post I'm going to introduce a cool site to create flash based sites for free. First of all let me clarify that if you prefer appearance over performance then only continue reading because this site is only to create flash based sites and flash based sites are often very poor at performance point of view but at the same time you can get better appearance with less efforts.

The site is wix.com.

This site itself is a flash based site so please give it some time to load itself....:)

You need to sign up for start creating site. After signing up you will get lots of free ready made flash site templates. You can choose any template of your choice and edit it according to your need.
 Here is a short analysis of the site.

+ves : 
- Large number of ready made templates
- Excellent web based editor named (wixexpress) to edit templates
- You can create cool and attractive site with comparatively very less time.
- No programing skill needed.

-ves : 
- Poor performance 
- Although it provides large number of templates, we are still restricted to these templates and their edited version.

I recently come to know that team viewer's new version (7) is released for windows based platforms only. There many new features in this version. Few of them which I liked the most are as follow:
-Faster drag and drop to and from remote system.
-Multi-monitor support.
- Integrated screenshot feature.

You can find the whole list of new features from here.

To go to download page of teamviewer 7 click here.

As we know that in latest version of ubuntu (11.10), the default email client is Thunderbird and not the Evolution. Now one point where you might find Thunderbird lagging behind Evolution is that it is not having Calendar support by default.

But fortunately Firefox is providing an add-on for Thunderbird mail client to organize your events and calender which is almost similar to Evolution's calender. The name of the add-on is "Lightning".
This is how it looks like.

If you are ubuntu (or any Debian based system) user then you can add this add-on from here.

For remaining users (including windows) you can download this add-on from here. But add-on downloaded from this second link is not compatible with latest version of Thunderbird  at this moment.

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